Laser Hair Removal

All face and body hair goes through 3 distinct phases of growth; Anagen, Catagen & Telogen. It is the Anagen phase that is most effective for LASER hair reduction results. This is because the anagen phase is when the hair is still attached to the blood

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Microdermabrasion uses a controlled flow of medical-grade aluminium oxide crystals to remove dead skin cells.

It uses the crystals to exfoliate and reveal fresh skin cells on the surface, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

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Who Are We?

New Era Skin Aesthetics is a very young Clinic but our staff is very passionate and has years of experience in providing Expert Advice and Services in Laser Hair Removal sector. Our goal is to meet expectations of every individual and focus on customer satisfaction.

We keep ourselves up to date with the new technology hence why we are the First and only clinic in the North of England to use the First and only FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved Alexandrite Motus AX for Pain Free Laser Hair Removal for all skin types. It can also treat tanned skin and works amazing on fine and fair hair which is normally an issue with all other laser machines.

We are offering treatments with Electrolysis for those stubborn final few hairs that refuse to go also it treats white/grey hair! Electrolysis works on individual hairs with use of a small electrical current which is directly send through the hair follicle with a fine probe.

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