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5 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

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Consuming a well-balanced, nutritious diet with a variety of foods is the key to clear, supple, and glowing skin. A well hydrated, healthy skin requires essential nutrients like healthy fats, iron, zinc, and antioxidant vitamins which strengthen and nourish our skin. Incorporating the following foods in your diet can boost collagen, fight wrinkles, improve your complexion and give your skin a healthier glow.

1. Eggs
Consuming eggs daily is vital for healthy skin as they contain protein which facilitates the formation of collagen. Collagen is needed to improve the elasticity of our skin. The egg yolk is particularly rich in vitamin B7, biotin. This vitamin is known as the beauty vitamin as it reduces acne, rashes, and dryness from our skin. Eating eggs helps in making our skin firm and nourishing it. It also contains nutrients that improve the skin tone.


2. Fatty Fish
Besides being one of the richest sources of anti-inflammatory omega-3s, fatty fish like salmon and sardines also contain dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). DMAE works in combination with B vitamins to increase the neurotransmitters in our body which are needed for proper muscle functioning so our skin looks firm and evenly toned. DMAE also stops the production of Arachidonic acid that leads to wrinkle formation.
It prevents premature aging by maintaining and strengthening the integrity of cell membranes. Lack of omega 3 fatty acids causes dry skin. Fatty fish is also high in Vitamin E, one of the most important antioxidants for the skin. It is also a good source of zinc which is responsible for regulating overall skin health, producing new skin cells. Zinc deficiency can lead to inflammation and delayed healing of skin wounds. Salmon also saves our skin from exposure of harmful UV rays of the sun.

fatty fish

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3. Tomatoes
They are high in lycopene, a very potent antioxidant and photochemical that protects our skin from UV damage. It also lowers the risk of skin cancer. Tomatoes are anti-inflammatory and promote healthy skin. Their high water content keeps the skin hydrated. They can be consumed as raw tomatoes, ketchup, or even as tomato paste.


4. Avocados
Avocado is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids which hydrate the skin and keep it flexible and moisturized. It also shields it against UV radiations and prevents premature aging. This fruit is also a source of fiber, vitamin C, B, and E which are imperative for healthy skin.


5. Nuts & Seeds
Adding nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, to our diets helps our skin stay healthy and function properly. They are an excellent source of skin boosting nutrients like essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), zinc, vitamin E, B vitamins, etc. which reduce inflammation and protect our skin against oxidative damage. They also increase collagen production which results in supple and springy skin and prevents sagging. Thus, having a handful of nuts and seeds as a snack everyday can promise plump and youthful skin.

nuts and seeds


This is our research and every skin type is different. Please consult your doctor in case of any skin-related problems. We do not claim any responsibility for this piece of information.

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