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Best skin care for winter tips you will read this year

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Best skin care for winter tips you will read this year

People generally love winters and why should they not? This season has its own charm. But it can certainly impacts us in a way that it leaves our skin with rough and dry patches and often causes irritation. So there are certain tips that should be followed during the winter season to guard your skin against the harsh cold air.

How to take care of your skin?

During winters, people tend to take showers with hot water, though it is satisfying but to avoid skin damage we should go for lukewarm water. Since hot water dries out our skin and if it is not moisturized properly, skin can develop cracks and become rough. Even after using lukewarm water, a moisturizer should be used that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid ceramides; this helps keep the moisture intact. Secondly, as the weather changes we should change our skincare products as well because what works for our skin in summers might not work in winters. One should avoid the use of masks and peel off products that contain alcohol as an ingredient because it makes our skin dry during this season. We should choose cleansers that have moisturizing properties so the skin does not lose its own natural moisture.

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In winters, one should not exfoliate their skin excessively since our skin barrier is already compromised because of the dry weather. Exfoliation depends on skin type as well, people with dry skin should focus less on exfoliation and those who have a combination to oily skin can do it once a week. Hands and feet should also be taken care of. Our hands have very few oil glands that is why they become dry quickly, so before stepping out one should apply a moisturizer no matter what. Petroleum jelly can be used for feet and exfoliation can help in getting rid of dead cells so the moisturizer works effectively.

Remember, you are a better person when you are moisturized!

Lastly, a daily skincare routine should be adopted. A basic skincare routine comprises of cleansing the skin once or twice a day. Applying a moisturizer after washing the face can lock the moisture and before sleeping use an overnight cream. All these things are good for best skin care for winter

This is our research and every skin type is different. Please consult your doctor in case of any skin-related problems. We do not claim any responsibility for this piece of information.


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