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Wonders of Microneedling Pen in EPN Manchester Treatment

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Skin patients usually expect immediate improvement in skin texture, tone, hydration, and overall radiance. Some wish to calm down the excessive redness and sometimes desperately need to get rid of skin irritation. The advancement in professional beauty industry over the past decade has brought improvements in high-tech devices and modalities used to cure skin issues. Microneedling is a slightly invasive treatment which is conducted to target a number of skin conditions on the face and body. During the treatment, ultrafine needles are used to penetrate the skin at various depths to create a wound healing response. These wounds in turn, cause the concerned skin to produce new collagen and elastin so that the patients’ skin looks fresh and younger.

Microneedling Manchester treatment or EPN does not generally give any discomfort to the client. The person under treatment feels a warming sensation after the treatment which usually reduces and subsides over the course of a few hours. Clients are offered topical anaesthetics with sensitive skin should if they want to apply anything before the treatment. Results with Microneedling are cumulative, but the treatment for optimum results subjects to certain factors like lifestyle, indication, and other procedures that might be required during overall treatment.

Some skin patients observe a difference in the elasticity of their skin within 24 hours after the treatment. Nevertheless, the long-lasting results occur only after 4-6 weeks after the treatment sessions. During this time period, their body produces new healthy collagen and elastin for skin heal up.

Depending upon the individual skin concerned it is determined how many treatment intervals and number of sessions are required. Typically, EPN Manchester would recommend a minimum course of 3 sessions after reviewing the condition of the skin to reckon how many further treatment sessions are needed. EPN is the abbreviation for an Electroporation needle. EPN therapy rejuvenate the skin using microneedles which stimulate the skin’s dermis without causing any scarring. EPN boosts the skin’s natural healing process by producing collagen. EPN Manchester technique efficiently applies an electrical field to affected cells in order to enhance membranes’ permeability. The treatment allows injecting healing products into the cell more efficiently.

The application of EPN Manchester technology has been shown to substantially increase transdermal product delivery. EPN can either be used alone or it may be used in combination with skin Microneedling which increases the range of products that can be delivered trans-dermally. This revolutionary pairing of skin treatment means that clients’ get optimized results when serums with high molecular weight are injected into deeper dermal layers.

EPN Microneedling pen has been added in the lineup for skin treatment practices. It is not simply another microneedling device. It is, in fact, the first Electroporation and Collagen Induction Therapy system. The TGA has approved both Pen and cartridges to combine the benefits of advanced delivery of electroporation and dermal needling for superior results. The optimized product absorption of EPN Manchester is an excellent rejuvenation therapy for skin care. It has the potential to deliver most effective topical treatments.

Combination of Microneedling Pen with Electroporation Technology for Skin Treatment

The EPN Pen is the world’s first medically certified Microneedling device for skin treatment. It combines the advantages of dermal needling with the advanced delivery of Electroporation. Microneedling pen devices stimulate the dermis, boosts collagen production and increase the natural skin healing process.

No skin enhancement procedure is permanent. Skin is a dynamic tissue. It is living and always changes and grows. EPN pen is But, then the skin may catch infection or allergy and scars, etc. needing immediate attention. EPN pen is a safe and effective treatment for all parts of the body. The device work effectively on all skin types. The treatment effectively stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibres and optimizes the benefits of active ingredients applied to the skin through increased insertion of topical products used during skin treatment.

The hand-held medical grade device combines together electroporation and Microneedling technology to give patients maximum skin rejuvenating results. It is easy to adjust the device to reach varied depths according to the comfort level and skin challenges.

EPN Pen Treatment Options

EPN Pen offers treatment for the following:

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Acne and surgical scars
• Skin tone
• Stretch marks
• Skin texture
• Skin laxity
• Reduce open pores

EPN Pen Delivers Almost Visible Results

This effective treatment is particularly useful in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment stores more radiant appearance, something more youthful. Patients usually see the superficial results of this aggressive treatment within six weeks. The noticeable results in cell proliferation, cell regeneration and improved skin texture with EPN Manchester are safe and far more superior. The results can last for several months and periodic treatments prove lasting improvements in brightening up the skin tone.


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