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Have you ever wondered what those dark patches are on your skin that isn’t moles or freckles, but isn’t spots or scars either? You might have skin pigmentation, a common skin complaint that results in increased pigment production in a specific place. Just because we are barely spending any time outside doesn’t mean you can’t catch the sun through your window and on your balcony/in your garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one!). Also known as dark spots, age spots or sunspots, we’ve called upon the skincare experts to explain precisely what it is, how to treat it, how to prevent it and what products to use?

What are the reason?

“Pigmentation can be caused by hormones, UV damage, or previous inflammation such as acne.” Users of sunbeds or sunbathers are more likely to develop pigmentation, with UV radiation being one of the leading causes. “Due to the amount of melanin (pigment) within the skin, some skin types are more prone to pigmentation than others, and treatment choices will change based on skin type and kind of pigmentation.

Will SPF be beneficial?

“If you have pigmentation caused by UV radiation and overexposure to the sun, you should be cautious to avoid further damage and pigmentation.” A broad-spectrum sun lotion with SPF 50 that protects against both UVA and UVB rays will help keep current pigmentation from worsening. However, if you feel that hormonal causes cause your pigmentation, you should also apply SPF. “Melasma pigmentation is common during pregnancy, so expectant mothers should apply a high SPF sunscreen to help limit melanin formation.”

Which skincare ingredients are the most effective?

“The best skincare ingredients to treat it are Retinol or Vitamin A, which promotes cell turnover and the production of healthy skin, and Vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant that best prepares skin for any oxidative stress caused by environmental aggressors like UV rays,”

A vitamin-packed anti-ageing face mist that is a perfect quick-fix spritz to have on your desk or in your handbag. “It stimulates, refreshes, and rebalances the skin.” White Lilly helps to replenish damaged and irritated tissue, and Vitamin C and A fight free radicals and gently encourage cell renewal to diminish the appearance of pigment spots.

What about medical treatments?

“IPL strong pulse light is excellent for superficial and freckles because it rejuvenates the skin. For more severe pigmentation and melasma (grey-brown areas on the skin), more extensive laser treatments that can penetrate deeper into the dermis may be beneficial, ” stating that laser and IPL would be effective therapy options for hormonal pigmentation. In contrast, chemical peels are the best answer for it to be induced by UV damage, inflammation, and trauma (like acne). “In these circumstances, a mandelic acid peel might be a suitable method to lift the colour.” Mandelic acid, like glycolic acid, is an alpha hydroxy acid that acts to exfoliate the skin deeply and is a beautiful alternative for persons with darker skin tones who are experiencing pigmentation


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Though many of our routines have changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this does not mean you should stop caring for your skin care. All of that extra washing and sanitizer use can dry out and harm your skin. If your skin is dry, it may crack, peel, or appear dull. Do you wonder how to strike a balance between keeping yourself safe and taking care of your skin? Here are tips to help you keep beautiful and healthy skin while protecting yourself from COVID-19.

Face Skin Care Fundamentals

Even whether your day was hectic or you stayed in bed all day, you must make time to care for your skin. Developing a solid skincare routine is essential for having youthful, beautiful skin. If skincare is a new journey for you or you want to go back to basics, here is a daily routine you can easily follow and customize to your skincare needs.

Routine in the Morning

Begin your day with the following easy routine:
Use a soft face towel and gentle cleaning products to wash your face with warm water. Utilize medicinal products if you suffer from skin diseases such as eczema. Use an excellent moisturizer, such as Hyaluronic Acid, to moisturize your face. Use a decent sunscreen to protect yourself from damaging UV radiation. After the skin has absorbed the moisturizer and sunscreen, you may apply makeup.

Routine at Night

After a long, exhausting day, you may be tempted to hop into bed without washing your face or removing your makeup, but resist! Sleeping with makeup on or without washing your face can cause breakouts and harm to your skin care. So instead, try the following at night:
Wash your face with gentle cleansing products and warm water to remove grime, sweat, and makeup. Then, saturate your skin overnight using high-quality hyaluronic acid. Finally, remember to moisturize at night. This is an excellent time to use retinoids and serums.

Hand Hygiene

Though hand-washing is typically a good habit, COVID-19 safety procedures may require us all to undertake extra washes. We recommend following the CDC standards and washing your hands with soap and running water for few seconds regularly and use hand sanitizer when necessary. Cleaning your hands more frequently, on the other hand, can dry up your skin and make it more prone to cracking and peeling. To keep your hands safe, do the following:

To eradicate bacteria and viruses:

1. Wash with lukewarm water and a light soap.
2. Wear gloves when cleaning surfaces to protect your skin. Moisturize your skin throughout the day and whenever it feels dry.

Other Things You Can Do For Your Skin Care

Balance Your Diet – Diet and skin have a specific relationship. What you consume will influence how healthy your skin appears. Foods including gluten, dairy, and processed foods may cause skin inflammation. Instead, consume antioxidant-rich foods to keep your skin healthy.

Stay Moisturized: Keep your body cells hydrated to prevent skin dryness.

Exercise regularly – Even if you have skin outbreaks, you may exercise to keep your body healthy. Workouts improve blood flow to your skin cells, which stimulates the generation of new cells.


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