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Reasons to Get HydraFacial Treatment and When to Avoid It

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Hydrafacial treatment improves skin’s appearance by extravagantly refining skin’s tone and texture. The deep exfoliation cleans skin’s pores and permits better penetration of face serums by eliminating skin’s debris. The most prominent reasons why should you get it and why to avoid it are briefly described below:

1. Little or no pain

Hydrafacial is a non-laser treatment. It is non-invasive, non-ablative, and almost painless treatment. That is why it is often attributed to light face massage.

2. Smooth and uniform complexion

Hydrafacial serums contain antioxidants. They can treat various skin concerns besides revitalizing worn out and exhausted looking complexion. The treatment takes care of sunspots by reducing them and calming inflammation. Breakouts due to oil glands in the skin and and acne issues are tackled from red and spotty skin surface into a more smoother tone.

3. No need for a pre-plan session

Hydrafacial treatment takes only 30-60 minutes depending upon skin surface. You can have it done at your own convenience during any part of the day. Unlike other chemical peels where you wish to schedule your inactive time to get ready yourself for your skin peeling off and hiding away from others, you can simply take up your routine work immediately after HydraFacial treatment.

4. Amazingly even toned skin

Having an uneven complexion should not bother you because Hydrafacial gently exfoliates your skin with its patented water based ‘hydradermabrasion’ and eliminates dead skin cells to give your skin a youthful look.

5. Super clear skin

HydraFacial cleans of dirt and debris clogging pores in addition to reviving dead skin cells. The congested and oil skin gets detoxified to appear clean and clear. The skin gets clear complexion due to lessening of oil and pore size.

6. Skin feels like soft velvet

Since Hydrafacial nourishes your skin with highly nutrient rich serums including hyaluronic acid, the moisturiser hydrates and absorbs water into the skin to avoid moisture loss. Peeling dry skin transforms from rough to smooth, and hard to soft to the feel within 60 minutes or less.

7. Reduction in wrinkles

Peptide infusion during HydraFacial treatment substantially tackles wrinkles. The infused peptide proteins into the skin have scientifically proved in enhancing the appearance of wrinkles. Reduction in wrinkles in key areas of the skin reverses ageing signs.

8. Confidence build-up

Hydrafacial is a luxurious clinic experience that makes a patient feel and look a million dollars. You can’t help touching your beautified skin after the amazing treatment.

9. No need for downtime

The ever popular Hydrafacial is gaining momentum as the go to facial to prepare for a particular occasion or event. You might want to get HydraFacial before your own engagement, wedding, or birthday celebration. It will give your face a sparkling look and best in no time.

10. An antidote to acne issue

If you are experiencing regular acne problem, Hydrafacial can positively take care of it. You may get an optional LED light after treatment to eliminate any remaining germs preventing future peels in the skin.

11. Custom treatment

Hydrafacial can simply focus to your specific skin concerns if you like. A range of serums can take care of everything from dark circles appearing beneath eyes to pigmentation and wrinkles, etc. LED light enhancement, for instance, is an amazing way to finish your HydraFacial treatment for enhanced glow.

How to dissuade negative impacts after Hydrafacial treatment?

• To reduce negative impacts of a Hydrafacial, it is recommended that you should avoid sun exposure, or use tanning sprays for at least 3 to 6 weeks before getting treatment.

• Those who suffer from cold sores may start prophylactic anti-viral therapy before treatment.

• Do not use strong topical creams (Retin-A, glycolics, etc.) at least for a week before and after treatment.

• Do not apply stronger topical retinoid (Vit A derivatives) creams for at least 2 days after your HydraFacial treatment.

Who should not have a HydraFacial?

Don’t go for HydraFacial if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If you have laser treatment in near past, chemical peel, took facial steroid injection, or cosmetic injectables, or have done microdermabrasion in recent timings, availed facial waxing, or gone through any surgical procedure, had any sun burn affect, or skin infection, etc. you should defer treatment.


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