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Best Skin Care Tips for Extremely Dry Skin

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In this winter season, where we expect fireside gatherings, snowy walks, and ice-skating plans, it all brings along another side, which is extremely dry skin, an itchy feeling, and scaly texture. To get rid of this, the best and most important step is to moisturize! Unfortunately, this is not enough. To ensure hydrated and glowing complexion, we need to follow a proper regime for extremely dry skin.

Here are few ways to fight extremely dry skin:

– Prep your home:
During cold, the dry environment which is caused by heating affects your skin a lot. To minimize this, installing a humidifier in the room would add moisture in the air, helping skin to stay hydrated.

– Change your diet:
Consuming fats may help fight extremely dry skin. This isn’t an option many people would be comfortable with so, therefore, using fish oil capsules and other healthy oils would help the skin get better too. But before taking any supplements, consult your doctor!

– Buff your skin:
No matter how much moisturizer you are applying and keeping your skin hydrated if you are not exfoliating your skin then it is of no use. Pick up a gentle skin scrub with mild glycolic or lactic acid. This will remove dead skin and healthy new skin will follow. This is how your skin is buffed.

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– Use an antioxidant serum:
Serums should be used all around the year and not just during winters to fight extremely dry skin. This is because serums keep your skin smooth and bright. To prevent damage, the best product or formula to use is Vitamin C serums.

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– Heavy Creams:
People with extremely dry skin should switch to heavy creams instead of light lotions to apply. Creams containing ceramides and hyaluronic acid should work best.

– Avoid harsh cleansers:
Cleansing your skin is one of the most important daily routine regimes. Do not use cleansers with heavy chemicals as they contain drying agents which makes skin even drier.

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Follow these best skincare tips for extremely dry skin and feel a change in your skin. Do not use any product or supplement without consulting your skin specialist.


This is our research and every skin type is different. Please consult your doctor in case of any skin-related problems. We do not claim any responsibility for this piece of information.


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