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The Good and Bad about Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal Manchester offers a noninvasive treatment for women who want to get rid of embarrassing and unwanted hair so that they look fresh and younger. Conventional hair removal techniques are painful and time consuming, and somethings do not provide the best results. Instead of comfort, they may irritate the sensitive skin and may cause redness, bumps, and even in-grown hair. Laser hair removal procedures involve concentration of light energy, cautiously hitting targeted hair follicles to prevent their future growth. During laser hair removal treatment, the light emitted by the laser machine gets absorbed into the hair pigment. As the light energy transforms into heat, it destroys the tube-shaped sacs inside the skin – called follicles – and delays, if does not prevent hair reproduction. Common laser hair removal areas in the body are: upper lip, chin, armpits, legs, and bikini line, etc.

Those who are unaware of laser hair removal should read this writeup. They will get a first-hand knowledge about the rapidly growing hair removal treatment before actually thinking about laser hair removal.

Treatment session is quick

Generally, the hair removal treatment sessions last from a few minutes and may lead up to an hour depending on the skin type and the size of the area where unwanted hair need to be removed. The patients can return to their routine work after receiving treatment. However, they need to take care of few cautions prescribed by the doctor, such as use of deodorant or perfume on the treated area.

Hair removal treatment takes time

For a result-oriented hair removal Manchester treatment, it may take 4-8 separate treatment sessions each spacing 3-6 weeks apart. Doctors usually suggest for regular scheduling of treatments because the hair follicles on human body have different growth cycles. After 2-3 treatment sessions, the scheduled hair removal procedure leads to a noticeable reduction in hair growth. It is not surprising to need safeguarding treatments once or twice a year because changing in hormones can cause regrowth of some hair, although not immediately.

Not much painful

As laser energy transforms to heat, it can potentially damage the hair follicle. Modern laser hair removal equipment contain a cooling mechanism. The patient may feel an immediate, sharp pain in comparatively sensitive areas such as the face. Nevertheless, overall pain is completely bearable.

Shows good results with dark hair

Skin color is very important in regard to laser hair removal treatment. The modern and sophisticated hair removal lasers work extremely well with patients having fine hair with lighter complexion.

Mild and temporary side effects

After initial treatment, the possible side effects may result in mild swelling around the hair follicles. The skin may get slight redness. Patient may experience temporary skin irritation. People with darker skin may observe pigment changes. To reduce skin irritation, it is a good thing to have a cool compress or ice pack. If an appropriate laser machine is chosen, the patients may avoid side effects.

Avoid sunrays

The excessive exposure to sun rays causes harm to the skin’s surface. Therefore, it is recommended that the patient should try to avoid direct exposure to sun or tan the body during each session of hair removal treatment. Instead, the patient should apply lather after each treatment. The hair removing practitioners usually recommend fall and winter as the best times for laser hair removal.

Avoid using restricted medications

There are certain chemicals that can cause your skin to become more sensitive to laser exposure. The treatment of such skin may lead to skin burns or pigmentation abnormalities. Before you start getting laser treatment, make sure that you have complete medication list including topical solutions. antibiotics, and birth control pills.

Do not wax your skin

You will be guided to shave a few hours before starting your very first session, but make sure you don’t pull your hair or wax as the laser will be aiming to target pigment within the hair follicles.

Careful about choosing a laser practitioner

There are regulations that clearly state who who can perform a hair removal laser and the right level of supervision. It’s important to get an appointment from a board-certified physician who has wide experience in laser technology so that the risk of pigmentary changes, burning, and scarring could be avoided.

Cost of treatment varies from cases to case

Many dermatology clinics advertise treatment packages for specific areas. Usually, the cost of hair removal treatment increases in case of larger areas, such as human leg. The average cost varies according to the number of treatment sessions.
Permanent hair removal is an ultimate desire and money spent for it is definitely an investment. Investing in something that bolsters your skin and benefits you in terms of increasing your self-confidence is extremely important.


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